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Hello World!

Posted in Personal
on November 26, 2016

Hello, and welcome to my very first blog post!

This is going to be my little corner of the webosphere, where I will write about tea, copy, books and… well, anything that takes my fancy.

So, why have I started ‘Copy and Tea’?

Very simply, you can blame my mother.* Our conversation went something along these lines:

Me: I don’t do that much writing for myself these days, which is a bit of a shame.

Mum: So get writing then.

Me: But.. I’m busy!

Mum: Well find time then. Start a blog.

She’s also sent me links to the local writing group, about a hundred competitions I’ve failed to get around to enter, and repeatedly told me about one particular author who got a million pound advance for her first novel (‘Which should be plenty to get you a lovely house with room for a granny annexe’). So, finally, I have taken the hint and started myself a blog.

She has a point. When I was at university I used to be able to bash out a couple of thousands of words of creative writing, when I should have been doing an essay/my dissertation/required reading. Some may call this procrastination, I like to call it answering the call of my creativity. Ahem.  Now, I’ve not written anything that wasn’t work-related for longer than I care to remember. I also haven’t read as many books as I was going to, or become insta-famous despite my hilarious captions.**

So, in an attempt to do something more productive with my evenings than watch videos of French Bulldogs, here is my blog. It’s going to be my little corner of the web, where I can:

  • Talk about things that I want to talk about
  • Use words/grammar that I like, not pander to Google’s every whim
  • Post little book reviews and other musings
  • If I’m feeling brave, perhaps even a little of my creative writing. If I ever do any..

Hopefully people will enjoy reading what I have to say, but if not, I will certainly enjoying getting back into the swing of writing.

*Hi mum!
** I don’t actually want to be the last one. I’m probably not quite as hilarious as I think I am, and I’ve set my account to private, so this seems like a far off dream.