About me

Posted on November 27, 2016

This is me. I’m Alice, modern calligrapher, avid tea drinker, and owner of Copy and Tea.

I first picked up a calligraphy pen in 2019. It went so horribly that I almost immediately put it right back down again. After getting over my initial disappointment that I didn’t immediately become a calligraphy whizz, I spent a lot of time practising, and took it up again properly in 2022. Since then, I’ve been writing on any surface I can get my hands on, and making all my friends and family tell me how much they love receiving handwritten gifts.

I’m here to talk about everything calligraphy, with the odd book review thrown in for good measure (that is, after all, how this site began). I’m ready to offer my calligraphy services, so if you have an event, or occasion that you think would be pepped up with some gorgeous handwritten stationery… get in contact!