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on January 24, 2021
book report downloads

It’s a new year, a new lockdown and well… there’s not much else to say is there?A lot of people have been busy homeschooling and so, I’ve put together a few book report templates for you to use.

I originally made a couple of templates for my niece in the summer. After I posted one of the unicorn ones on twitter it got some good reactions. (I mean, it’s unicorns, what’s not to like?). She’s been enjoying using them since and so, after a bit of tweaking I’ve got them ready to share with you!

I’ve created two that are free to download. Get yours by clicking on the pictures below! If you use them, I’d love to see the results – Please share with me either here or via Twitter. And, if you have any requests for other themes, just use the contact me form and I’ll see what I can do.

Free book report downloads

Book report
Book worm

They’re based on the sort of thing my niece was reading at the time, so they’ve got space for the title, author and illustrator as well as a few notes about why you liked the book – which hopefully you did.

I know as a child I used to love writing book reviews and they’ve certainly kept her busy, so I hope you like them!

I’ve also created a number of variations which I’ve added to my shop. I’ve linked them below so you can see if there are any which take your fancy.

Alien Themed
hero theme book report
Hero themed
monster book report
Monster themed
unicorn book report
Unicorn themed

Adventure Themed
Dino themed
space book report
Space themed

All of these designs can be customised with your child’s name (or your name if it’s you that is using them, we all need a few more fun things in our lives right now). Just contact me and I’ll get back to you about it.

I hope everyone is staying safe, and busy. Fingers crossed this is only the new normal for a little bit longer.

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